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 Maxi - Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Maxi members area. Add this page to your bookmarks bar now.

  • Watch the 18 minute video above now, carve out the time and watch the entire thing.
  • Check email to register for Live Master class & Q&A Sundays @ 6pm ( sign up link sent to your email)
  • Once you have completed the video, follow the directions below!

1. Click VISION - Define your master vision

2. Then click WEEKLY - Reflect on your week & plan the week ahead

3. Come back here every night to reflect on your day [DAILY] and plan the next... Every Sunday you will fill out your WEEKLY reflection....

4. Refer to your emails from Maxi on a daily basis to keep you on track and reminded of your master vision...

"When you take the time to design your mindset, your mindset designs your life in time." - Arlin Moore, Founder