What is the most effective way to really believe that my goals will come true? I am having a hard time actually believing I can make all this happen.

  • Let's say you would like to manifest $1,000,000 within the next 5 years and in exchange you will become an expert in drop-shipping. Whether you have a million dollars in this moment or not, you can immediately become aware about how this goal is beginning to happen the moment you say it.
  • You can think about whether or not you know any millionaires who could mentor you, you could look up books that millionaires recommend reading and start reading them, you can brainstorm a list of 10 ideas for your business.
  • It is never about getting the goal anyway. Once you have a million dollars, you will just look for the next big goal. The joy in life is literally all about the process of getting there. And you're there, here, right now. This is it.


"I completed my Master / Weekly / Daily Vision… but I didn’t get an email from Maxi"

  • Make sure that you use the same email that you used to purchase Maxi
  • Your vision is linked to the email you used to sign up


I want to edit my master vision, but I don't want to re-type everything.

  • Open Maxi on your computer and open a tab to your email with your most recent master vision Maxi has sent to you. You can copy and paste your old vision and revise it or refer to it and retype it while making changes along the way.


How many times should I listen to Maxi per day?

  • As much as feels right, but it is recommended that you listen at least once per night as you are getting ready for bed between 3-6 days per week.
  • You can add a second time at some point during the day, perhaps as you are just waking up or getting ready in the morning.
  • Make sure that whenever you are listening to Maxi, you are conscious of everything Maxi is saying. Try to confirm each affirmation about yourself in your mind as you hear it. Pause if you need to.


"What are mindset, body, and spirit goals?"

  • Mindset goals relate to self education, reading, online learning, and thought patterns
  • Body goals relate to diet and all physical activity, weight lifting, yoga, running, sports, etc.
  • Spirit goals relate to your emotional state, energy frequency, having fun, laughter, spending time with friends and family, or time in nature, all things that nourish your spirit
    • Remember, what you focus on expands. Therefore, when you set these goals, focus on the positive not the negative… For example:
      • DONT WRITE: “I will try not to focus on negative”
      • DO WRITE: “I will find new things to be positive about”

Even though it's the silliest thing ever, how do I cancel my membership if I ever have to?