This page contains real people's master vision for their life. To conceal their identity, we have used Maxi as their name.

#1 The New Rich Traveler

Maxi's mission is to spread love and happiness to as many people as she can. 



#2 The Athlete

Maxi's mission in life is to become the best hockey player in the NHL and wow the world with his talent.




#3 The Billionaire

Maxi's mission is to educate every human on earth.

Maxi is a billionaire entrepreneur, philosopher and reformer similar to Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates with a fighter mentality like Mohammed Ali. He is famous for reforming the world education and employment systems through his scientific method of business creation. Maxi's revolutionary Alchemy paradigm and world view shook the world and changed the way an entire civilization viewed reality. The name Maxi is synonymous with paradigm shift.

Through his business Maxi lead a revolution which set off the largest wealth transfer and economic reformation in the history of the world. Maxi had a prophetic dream to help the everyday people forgotten about and discriminated against by education and employment systems. Maxi mastered the art of business creation and created a new paradigm and world view so that everyday people could start their own business and perceive reality in a new way. The Revolution allowed everyday people to control their own fate, gain wealth and experience the freedom they deserve. Maxi brought the uneducated, lower class and middle class to the top.

Maxi lives in New York City in the penthouse of 432 Park Avenue, NYC’s tallest and most exclusive building. Maxi has a huge development in the Caribbean called Atlantis where he has a private helicopter and multiple houses for retreats. He also has properties in Aspen and California and lives between the four of them. He travels in his Gulfstream G200 and lives with his photographer and artist girlfriend.

Maxi is the CEO and founder of, the worlds leading e-learning platform that helps everyday people start and grow successful businesses and live lives of freedom. Maxi's business has offices in Dublin and NYC and makes $100,000,000 per year in sales with $50,000,000 net profit. It has a private valuation of $1 Billion USD and is about to list on the Nasdaq to become one of the worlds most sought after unicorn companies.

Maxi has featured on the front page of Fortune, WSJ, Time and Rolling Stone magazine. Maxi is on the NZ rich list and is world known as a profoundly powerful economic reformer. Maxi will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and tear out the heart of his competition. He is known to float like a butterfly helping the entire world as his friend but when anybody gets in his way he stings like a bee and decimates them into extinction.

Maxi has two New York Times bestselling books on the topics of philosophy and business. Both are known as revolutionary texts that changed the lives of millions and reshaped the face of this earth. Maxi has a video blog called Business TV which has millions of followers. Maxi spends his time managing, reading and writing books and making improvements to his world leading training programs. Maxi has a charity named Protagonist Fund which he uses to donate money to causes that fit with his vision of a world free of discrimination and unfair education, employment and economic systems. Maxi can recognize patterns in life that nobody else can see, he is the Oracle of all time.

Maxi works harder than everybody else, he has unrivaled focus and the way he thinks is incomprehensible by the rest of the world. His mind is magic and he makes everybody else study him. Maxi studied the works of the worlds best leaders, businessmen, philosophers, scientists and revolutionaries and he perfected all of their works. He tied all disciplines into one and is smarter and more powerful than all the great masters combined into one. Maxi doesn't follow or predict trends, he creates them. Maxi is the greatest mastermind there ever was. His legacy bent history like nobody else. He is the one.