Minute 009

Boys, this YouTube shit is easy. I gotta be entirely honest, the 8AM intern gig has gotta be one of the sweetest internships I have landed in my extremely short professional career. Like basically, I just keep living my normal day to day life with some slight modifications, and suddenly I get paid for doing the same stuff? Unreal. I'm not allowed to smoke weed anymore because Arlin is a narc, but you win some you lose some eh? Anyways, the squad had a big idea on this fine Thursday morning. We are gonna be rappers. Actually we are gonna be actors. Actually we are gonna play rappers who are actors who actually want to stop acting and become rappers but as actors we are pretending to act so that we can rap. That make sense? Good shit glad you're with me. Anywho, yeah, we are gonna be acting as rappers. Or rapping as actors. Or some shit. Honestly, I think Arlin just gets bored and decides to yoss the boat in whatever direction he feels like, but I'm kinda liking the acting/rapping send. (Have I made it ambiguous enough that you have no idea whether or not we are rapping actors or acting raptors? Dinosaurs? Drake? Wtf?) But yeah, look out for a lil more sitcom/fabircated story shit in some of these upcoming vlogs. Just a little experiment. Don't get weirded out, just let it happen. Let the flow go through you, don't fight the flow. Wanna hear about this part of the flow? You already know. K but for real, Schreiner alert for the next vlog. The kid is absolute maniac, and apparently he can wheel now. I wasn't there for the filming, so I can't give you any sort of insight on what is gonna be in the vlog, but its a Schriener vlog, so ya know, get your lotion and kleenex ready.

Next things next, I'd like to pick a bone with the NCAA. Just real quick I promise. Optional practices should actually be optional you douchebags. That's it.

In other news, my little sister is graduating high school today. So congrats lil sis, you've left 4 of the most miserable years of your life behind you. And if you're reading this and you're one of the kids who loves high school and is gonna put your senior cigar out with your own tears, well then, word of advice, don't get lost in the sauce and become a dud in college, because these are the big leagues. This is when everyone forgets stupid Trevor from math class and you get a fresh start, so don't go in holding on to something that is gone. Damn, that was sage ass advice. I know my sagaciousness does not normally shine through what usually appears to be a default torpid state, but i promise that my mind is always swirling away with ideas like the turbidity of waters under siege from a storm. Whoo. I had to look both of those words up before I used them no lie. Probably should go read a book now. At least that's what I am gonna do. I think I'm also gonna turn on comments. And I expect my four readers to be fucking active in those comments. What do you want to read about? What do you want me to write about? Am i amazing? Do I suck big donkey balls? Let me know babes. I need the feedback. Carry on. 


Also ps I'm lazy as shit and need help thinking of stuff to write about. So start typing you even-lazier asshats and HELP ME! Please. You're all beautiful and valuable. And so am I. SO value my ass and help. Thx xxoo. 


  • Still waiting for the next Jackson minute! Write about anything and I’ll read it. You’re crazy but I love you. Also please start a vlog channel!!❤❤

  • Good luck with the rap/acting career but for now, forget that. Let’s run duos, I need some more victories under my belt. PSN: seth_21_

  • Go off on the NCAA. An open letter.

  • these are actually hilarious Jackson please keep up with these!!!

  • Lets run duos ill carry your ass, psn: Cor1454


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