What Is Love?

Hey guys! Welcome to The 8AM Podcast Volume 001!!! We are super excited to be bringing you this weekly or perhaps bi-weekly podcast. On this podcast, you will hear college perspectives on topics varying from esoteric philosophy, to drunk college stories, and everything in between!

In this first episode, Jackson and I have our good friend Clare on the show to discuss the timely topic of LOVE on this fine Valentine's day.

This conversation gets intense! We hope you enjoy :)


- Arlin

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  • I agree with Arlin about the heighten emotion idea. Moods mean everything and people will react differently to a certain depending on the mood they are in. With the couple at the concert bit of course that would create a high mood not a low mood, thus creating the illusion that they are in love or that they are more in love because of being in such a high mood.

    I also agree with Clare with the fact that you may not know that you’re in love

    I like Jackson’s pyramid concept

    That “I” thing with being worthy makes sense

    “self-fulfilling”, much better word choice indeed

    lmao “love experiences”

    YES! Clare with the probing the surface

    i’m comme si comme ca with the whole sacrificial proposition

  • ahhh podcast!

    Katie Mantooth
  • loved this – keep on keeping on – such valid points

    Rachel S.
  • I LOVED this podcast! First podcast I’ve ever listened to, but I feel like I could agree at least partially with both sides of almost everything. I’m really glad Clare spoke on feminism and I completely agree with her on that topic!

    Victoria A
  • Hey,
    great idea to start a podcast to share your philosophies, opinions and thoughts. I personally love listening to podcast and just wanted to ask you real quick if the podcast is also available on the podcast app or spotify ?

    Mattis Vormdohre

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