Six Guys One Dog

Hey guys! Welcome to our second podcast. Woo! Just as a warning, we somehow managed to screw up the audio in BU's probably 50 thousand dollar podcast studio... OH! and we ALMOST managed to kill Charlie. This is a fun one, enjoy!!! s/o sarah morris for the title lol...

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  • Charlie escapes death so many times lol.

  • When will Arlin marry me

  • very funny! and ah “I hid in my room” yeah i’d be Jackson hiding in my room when the lady dropped off Charlie. Btw don’t worry that much about the cupcakes, old ladies feed dogs everything

  • wait actually it’d be so funny if the guys would be down if you could make a vlog about your house in like reality tv style with stuff like individual interviews and drama etc

  • can you bring all the guys from the house on a podcast?


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