Arlin's first blog post


Yoooooooo what's up guys!

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but hey, thinking gets you nowhere so i'm just doing some doing.

I was low-key inspired by the Jackson Minute to start this, HA... so here it goes!

I'm excited.

I actually do a lot of writing, but not for the public. I'm thinking this will be a good way for me to #1, solidify in myself AND of course share a lot of the weird, business-y, self help related thoughts jumping around my head that I pick up from various podcasts and books I consume.

That's a good place to start I guess :)

Let's start with the idea of book reading (or reading books, lol, w/e).

Ever since I can remember, I HATED reading books. It had always been a chore. However, I did it because my parents and teachers would replace a reward at the end of it. "Read cat in the hat and we'll buy you a new toy!" "Read A Tale of Two Cities" and you'll get an A+!

These bribes were nice and got me through the work, but they really distracted me from the main reason I read books now:

To make these racks baby. lol. no. but sort of.

But how did I get here?

How did I get from someone who hated reading to someone who reads every single day for hours on end, and is exhillerated every minute by it?

Well, here's how I did it...

For starters, it was actually my senior project in high school. My project was to discover why it is that despite all the benefits of reading people hate to read, and is it possible to case by case turn a non reader into a reader... (was that jargon complicated, sorry.. i'll get better lol)

To be honest, I didn't really care about the research and all that stuff... My main goal was to make myself enjoy reading. To figure out how to develop this habit and love it.

My senior year in high school, I had big dreams for myself. I started watching a lot of TED talks, and one day came across a TED talk called, "Why I Read a Book a Day and Why You Should Too" by Tai Lopez. In this talk, Tai showed me, so clearly, that the pathway to literally anything you want in life is to read it in a book...

How the f could that be possible you might be wondering?

LOOK.... here it is right now... The most successful people who have EVER lived... the billionaires, the masters of seduction, the most fit people who have ever lived, the happiest, the best negotiators, the most charismatic people, etc., ALL of the most successful people in any area of life ever... have written books...

They have taken their thoughts, their paths, their wisdom, and put it in prose, easily digestible language, in f-ing books, and given them to us for free (thanks to ben franklin)...

Do you want to be happy? How would you like it if one of the leading experts on happiness and internal motivation and success was by your side telling you what to do every day... Well guess what, you can. Shawn Achor, the top in his field for this, wrote a book called the happiness advantage. -

Do you want to build a business? How would you like it if Tim Ferriss, angel investor and master of building passive income businesses, was there with you guiding you every step of the way. Well guess what, he wrote a book doing exactly that. Check it out here -

Do you want to be rich? How would you like to be mentored by Sam Walton, creator of Walmart? Guess what, you can... He wrote an autobiography with his life story and all the lessons he learned about making money on his death bed. It's freaking $5 to buy right here -

You can find a genius or top performer for literally anything in life who has written a book showing you the way to where they are now... It's that freaking simple.

The average American reads 1 book a year.


That's sad.

But you know what's not sad? You can get ahead of the average american easily. Here is my recommendation. Get an audible subscription. It's $15 a month and you get one free book free. $15 a month? Is that crazy???? WELL LISTEN UP. YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL IF YOU DON'T INVEST IN YOURSELF. SO SACRIFICE AN EXTRA NIGHT OUT DINNER AND PAY THE SUBSCRIPTION OKAY! YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU WILL READ A BOOK LIKE "Think and Grow Rich" or "You Are A BadAss at Making Money" or "The $100 Start Up" or "4 Hour Work Week" AND YOU WILL LITERALLY 400x your return on investment BY CREATING A FREAKING BUSINESS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE FREAKING BOOKS SHOW YOU WHAT TO DOOOO AHHHHHHH!!! IT'S SO CLEAR JEEZ JUST DO IT.


deep breathe.

we're back.

Here's your audible membership - ➜

The last thing I'll say about books is how you should go about reading them... Don't look at books like a chore... treat them like a friend, a relationship with the author... Hangout with the friend you know you're going to have the most fun with! That means this - if money excites you, read a book by Jen Sincero... If weight lifting is getting you pumped up today, read Arnold Shwartzeneger's biography... All you need to do is read a little bit at a time too! Sometimes only a page or two can give you a valuable chunk of info that you can take with you and improve yourself for the day...

So what are you waiting for?

Oh... probably some suggestions huh.

Well, I wrote this for you and I want you to have it :)

Arlin's Top 80 Books

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